Pick and Place


1. Grip Part
2. Lift Clear
3. Shift Over
4. Descend -     Deliver -
          Pick-and-Place Transfer Device is designed to provide an economical and efficient part transfer mechanism. Sturdy and compact in construction, the unit is operated by a pneumatic rotary actuator controlled by a 4-way air control valve. The unique slotted cam with three cam followers provides a smooth transition of rotary motion to linear movement.

          Dual rods are used in both horizontal and vertical planes to ensure smooth movement and positive alignment. Rod bearings are oil impregnated bronze bushings which eliminate the need for relubrication. Neoprene seals are provided to protect the bushings from atmospheric dirt. Bronze bushings are utilized rather than ball bearings because bushings distribute the weight over a larger surface area. This results in less wear on the slide rods. Horizontal stroke adjustment is by the external link arm. Vertical stroke adjustment is by an adjustable stop screw. The adjustable stop screw has a built-in hydraulic plunger arrangement to cushion the shock of the body as it ends its downward stroke.

          The tool mounting block is supplied blank. Sufficient material has been provided between the rod bores and the front face of the block to permit drilling and tapping holes for attaching fingers. In addition, the tool mounting block can be repositioned on the horizontal rods to compensate for any misalignment when mounting the
          Available as optional equipment is the R&l Dovetail Bracket Kit DB-20 which accepts DURA-GRIP Model GH-21A or GH-22A Part Placement Devices. This dual dovetail bracket arrangement permits three finger adjustments: side-to-side on the horizontal rods, up-and-down with the dovetail bracket and front-to-back with the dovetail gripping device.



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